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30/03/2020 Case Presentations T. Gcingca, M. Mahomed
  Transient benign hyperphosphatasaemia  
  2.2) An approach to hyperandrogenism  
20/04/2020 JC Part3: She Has Her Mother's Laugh Prof. D. Marais
30/04/2020 Case presentations  
  1) Electrolyes D. Roque
  2) Excess GH: Acromegaly T. Gcingca
11/05/2020 JC T. Gcingca
  Excess GH: Acromegaly Part 2  
18/05/2020 Case Presentation: Hyperalbumineamia D. Roque
25/05/2020 OTC Case R. Dalmacio
  Chylothorax from Thoracic injury D. vd Westhuizen
08/06/2020 Hyperammonaemia M. Mahomed
11/06/2020 A World of Colour T. Gcingca
  A Lack of evidence is not evidence of absence D. Roque
13/07/2020 Quality assurance in clinical chemistry D. vd Westhuizen
20/07/2020 EM Guidance Kim Jacobs
  "Your future depends on your dreams so go to sleep" J. Rusch
27/07/2020 MSc Project presentation  S. Lampert
  Porphyria cutanea tarda T. Gcingca
17/08/2020 Dyslipidemia R. Ateko
24/08/2020 Anosmia / Hyperosmia S. Meldau
31/08/2020 CSF Leaks M. Mahomed
  CSF-IgG index C. Francis
14/09/2020 DKA vs HHS T. Gcingca
21/09/2020 Population genetics of the Indian Ocean humpback S. Lampert
  dolphin (Honours Project)  
29/09/2020 Methanol poisoning T. Gcingca
  COVID big data project D. vd Westhuizen
19/10/2020 Vitamin and homocysteine levels correlation with  K. Seakamela
  Cardio metabolic risk factors  
26/10/2020 Galactosaemia M. Mahomed
  Cryoglobulins C. Francis
09/11/2020 Myeloma C. Francis
23/11/2020 Does this urine make me look fat?  Lipiduria M. Mahomed
  and fat embolism syndrome  
  Critical results R. Dalmacio
30/11/2020 Machine learning D. vd Westhuizen
16/04/2019 Biomarkers in Schizophrenia J. Lunn
29/04/2019 Disorders of Protein Folding D. vd Westhuizen
13/05/2019 Unusual cases of metabolic disorders in 4 neonates G. van der Watt
20/05/2019 Open Source Capillary Electrophoresis DJ. vd Westhuizen
27/05/2019 Hypertriglycaeradimic pancreatitis TA Gcingca
03/06/2019 Journal Watch R. Dalmacio, TA Gcingca, J. Cole, J. Lunn, DJ vd Westhuizen
20/06/2019 Short case presentations: DSD, Septic Cholestasis, D. vd Westhuizen, R. 
  SPE’s and their various presentations Dalmacio, TA Gcingca
01/07/2019 Journal Watch R. Dalmacio, TA Gcingca, J. Cole, J. Lunn, DJ vd Westhuizen
08/07/2019 Book Review Part 2: She Has Her Mother’s AD Marais
  Laugh. Carl Zimmer  
22/07/2019 Flagger and Percentiler: A revolutionary EQA  C. Hudson
29/07/2019 Case Presentation: A case of secondary DJ vd Westhuizen 
  Hypogonadottrophic hypogonadism with   
  Ecdysterone supplements  
05/08/2019 Journal Watch R. Dalmacio, TA Gcingca, J. Cole, J Lunn, DJ vd Westhuizen, J Rusch
12/08/2019 Nanobody development in Chemical Pathology TA Gcingca
19/08/2019 Book Review Part 2:  She Has Her Mother’s Laugh -  AD Marais
  Carl Zimmer  
26/08/2019 Short case presentations: Macroprolactin and High TA Gcingca, JA Rusch
  dose hook effect; Urea Cycle defects in neonates at  
02/09/2019 Journal Watch R. Dalmacio, TA Gcingca, J. Cole, J Lunn
09/09/2019 Vaping vs. Smoking D Blackhurst
12/09/2019 Short case presentations: Insulin; Globulin Gap J Cole, J Lunn
16/09/2019 Energy Metabolism – Micro-organisms metabolising G vd Watt
  lactate into Crebs Cycle intermediates  
23/09/2019 Immunology overview R Dalmacio
30/09/2019 Meeting cancelled n/a
07/10/2019 Journal Watch D vd Westhuizen; TA Gcingca; R Dalmacio
10/10/2019 Short case presentations: Enzymology in reagents; A TA Gcingca; D vd Westhuizen
  case of cryoglobulinaemia  
07/11/2019 Short case: Methaemaglobinaemia R Dalmacio
11/11/2019 Microfluidics in Sweat Testing J Pillay
18/11/2019 Iron metabolism in microcytic hypocromic anaemia J Rusch
  (iron lion Zion)  
12/02/2018   D Marais
26/02/2018   R Dalmacio
12/03/2018 Free Androgen Index / Testo Calculations J Cole
19/03/2018 Deep Learning in Medicine J Rusch
26/03/2018 CASE: Congenital Hyperinsulinism (Nesidioblastosis) D vd Westhuizen
23/04/2018 Munchausen syndrome and factitious disorder: the  C Hudson
  role of the lab in its detection and diagnosis  
14/05/2018 Renal Stones E Gantana
21/05/2018 UK Visit – Mitochondrial disorders S Meldau
28/05/2018 Case: Two cases of hyperphosphataemic familial J Cole
  tumoral calcinosis caused by homozygous mutations  
  In the GALNT3 gene  
  Plasma steroid metabolome for diagnosing and sub- C Hudson
  typing patients with Cushings (Endocrine)  
11/06/2018 TB NanoDisk; MS-MS in TB diagnosis D vd Westhuizen
18/06/2018 Case Discussions and Feedback from LASSA H Vreede and D Marais
25/06/2018 Case – Hyperandrogenism R Dalmacio
23/07/2018 Apolipoprotein E: Update D Marais
13/08/2018 ZFN, TALEN, CRISPR – Genetic engineering D vd Westhuizen
20/08/2018 Sickle cell disease G vd Watt
27/08/2018 Organophosphate poisoning R Dalmacio
18/09/2018 Using Machine learning to aid the interpretation of C Hudson 
  urine steroid profiles  
18/11/2018 Lipoic Acid Biosynthesis Defects S Meldau
18/11/2018 Immune checkpoint inhibitors C Hudson
  Network Medicine J Cole
  Hypercalcaemia TA Gcingca
06/02/2017   AD Marais
13/02/2017 Leptin for Diabetic Ketoacidosis F Omar
20/02/2017 Thermogenesis G vd Watt
27/02/2017 Diabetes Insipidus JA Rusch
13/03/2017 Identification of Friend or Foe:  The laboratory C Hudson
  challenge of differentiating M-proteins from  
  monoclonal antibody therapies  
20/03/2017 Diagnostic Accuracy of Aldo and Renin Measurement M Ndlovu
  by Chemiluminescent Immunoassay and RIA in Primary  
27/03/2017 Case: Metabolic Encephalopathy J Cole
10/04/2017 Senescent Cell Apoptosis J Pillay
24/04/2017 Case: Hypercortisolaemia, hyperkalaemia, B Vermooten
  Hyponatraemia (RAAS)  
08/05/2017   B Vermooten
22/05/2017   G vd Watt
29/05/2017   JA Rusch
19/06/2017 Endocrine profiles in 693 athletes in the post C Hudson
  competition setting  
26/06/2017 Case: Extreme hyperalbuminaemia J Cole
03/07/2017   M Ndlovu
10/07/2017   JA Rusch
24/07/2017 Modified Atkins diet induces subacute selective ragged- S Meldau
  red fibre lysis in mitochondrial myopathy patients  
31/07/2017 Case: B Vermooten
07/08/2017   J Pillay
14/08/2017 Chlorohydrin AD Marais
21/08/2017   G vd Watt
28/08/2017 Vitamin B3 modulates mitochondrial vulnerability and J Cole 
  Prevents glaucoma in aged mice  
04/09/2017   F Omar
11/09/2017 Cannabinoids – The Cannabis Paradox JA Rusch
18/09/2017 Case: Paradoxical dexamethasone response J Cole 
09/10/201   J Pillay
16/10/2017 Fetal Genotyping in Maternal Blood by Digital PCR: S Meldau
  Towards NIPD of Monogenic Disorders Independently  
  of Parental Origin  
13/11/2017 Scientific Writing Course Feedback JA Rusch
20/11/2017 Alcohol and HbA1C R Dalmacio
01/02/2016 Glycine and it’s conjugation in biotransformation AD Marais
08/02/2016 Impact of Lipases and Andipokines on the  J Cole
  Composition of Lipoproteins in Type 1 Diabes  
22/02/2016 Case: Thyroid hormone resistance J Rusch
29/02/2016 CYP24 Inhibition as a therapeutic target in FGF23- F Omar
  mediated renal phosphate wasting   
 07/03/2016 Obesity and bariatric surgery drive epigenetic variation J McCarthy
  of spermatozoa in humans  
14/03/2016 Mutation in human selenocysteine transfer RNA P Fortgens
  selectively disrupts selenoprotein synthesis   
04/04/2016 But Microbiota orchestrates energy homeostasis G vd Watt 
  during cold  
11/04/2016 Insulin Assay Interference J Rusch
18/04/2016   F Omar
25/04/2016 Case: M Ndlovu
16/05/2016 Dysbetalipoproteinaemia AD Marais
30/05/2016 Case: HMG CoA Lyase Deficiency J Cole
06/06/2016 A Novel N-Tetrasaccharide in Patients with Congenital J Cole
  Disorders of Glycosylation, Including Asparagine-Linked  
  Glycosylation Protein 1, Phosphomannomutase 2, and   
  Mannose Phosphate Isomerase Deficiencies  
20/06/2016 I “heart” Vitamin D J Rusch
27/06/2016 Case: Macro-TSH M Ndlovu
11/07/2016 Peritoneal Dialysis Dr Wearne
25/07/2016 Case: Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinaemia J Rusch
15/08/2016 Case: Phaeochromocytoma J Cole
22/08/2016 Urolithins Prolong Life in Worms & Muscle Fibre…in G vd Watt
29/08/2016 Dietary carbohydrate restriction as the first approach P Fortgens
  In diabetes management: Critical review and evidence  
05/09/2016 Maintenance and Propagation of Deleterious S Meldau
  Mitochondrial Genome by Mitochondrial Unfolded  
  Protein Response  
12/09/2016 Case: M Ndlovu
19/09/2016 Testicular Receptor-4 Causes Glucocorticoid Resistance M Ndlovu
26/09/2016 NOX4-dependent fatty acid oxidation promotes NLRP3 J Cole
  inflammasome activation in macrophages  
03/10/2016 Apolipoprotein E: Update AD Marais
10/10/2016 Unique dysregulatory effects of fructose on J Rusch 
17/10/2016 Urea impairs beta-cell glycolysis and insulin secretion F Omar
  in chronic kidney disease  
31/10/2016 “70% of clinical diagnoses depend on laboratory data”. P Fortgens
  What is the evidence?  
07/11/2016 A Nanoparticle-Lectin Immunoassay Improves J Cole 
  Discrimination of Serum CA125 from Malignant and  
  Benign Sources  
14/11/2016 Case: Riboflavin Transporter 3 Deficiency J Rusch
21/11/2016   M Ndlovu
12/10/2015 Niemann-Pick C AD Marais
26/10/2015 Serum markers in alkaptonuria: simultaneous analysis J Cole
  Of homogentisic acid, tyrosine and nitisinone by   
  Liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry  
23/11/2015 Determination of DNase activity by degradation of J Cole
  ethidium bromide-DNA complexes using a fluorescence  
  plate reader